Medical Device Design Outputs

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Medical Device CFR 820 Design Outputs SOP

This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) describes the procedures for documenting the Design Outputs corresponding to each Design Input for Product development within the Design Control process. This will also allow for planning of the Verification of the Outputs.



This SOP applies to all medical devices that are approved for Product Development as well as to the personnel who are responsible for implementing Design Controls for such medical devices. This Design Controls SOP does not apply to medical devices in very early stage of development such as early concept or feasibility stages. Design Controls begin after concept and feasibility studies are completed after the COMPANY Management approves the initiation of a Product Development Project.


Regulatory basis, reference documents

  • 21 CFR Part 820 - Quality System Regulation, Subpart C - Design Controls, 820.30 Design controls
  • ISO 13485:2016: Medical Devices - Quality management systems ¬Requirements for regulatory purposes
  • FDA/CDRH - Design Control Guidance for Medical Device Manufacturers, March 11, 1997

Table of Content: 

1          Purpose

2          Objective

3          Regulatory basis, reference documents

4          Responsibility and accountability

4.1      Company Management

4.2      Design Review Committee

4.3      Quality Assurance

4.4      Project Leader (PL) / Head of Engineering (HE)

4.5      Function / Area Leaders

5          Related documents

6          Definitions

7          Procedure

7.1      Design Output (general)

7.2      Design Output Process

7.3      Design Output Approval

8          Attachments

            Design outputs and verification matrix (1 page)

9          SOP distribution

10       Health, safety and environmental considerations


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